Welcome to Norm's Bio Page

Hello I am Norm, my musical dream started at the age of six when dad said sit still and get your hair cut and I'll buy you the guitar that was hanging on the wall in the barber shop. Yep, I looked like a statue not one muscle moved, and so it starts. I learned to play by ear and worked in several bands while I was in school .After I graduated from high school I moved to Florida and joined a band called sounds .we were a four piece show band that covered a wide range of music and performed floor shows. I spent ten years with the band then left and started doing a single act. That was how it started and brings it up to today and my first CD.

       The CD started out as a joke with a few of my friends that I ride with. I had just bought a 2005 Harley and while we were riding one friend said hey why don't you write a song about it , so I went home that night and started the song I'd rather ride my Harley, two weeks later my small group got together and I played the song for them. They said and you know how friends are they liked the song and I should do a complete CD. well it starts I would keep a pad of paper and pens with me and when we road lyrics would be flying in my head and I'd stop and write down my thoughts. Each song has a meaning and is a reflection of the things I experience while on the road. I view things in life with a bit of humor ,life is to short to get caught up in crap that in a hundred years won't make a difference anyway. I wanted this CD to be different then all the other ones I have heard so I set out to make it with a slight twist, a bit of humor and a variety of musical styles. My dad loves bluegrass so I knew I needed to put one on it. Over Christmas 2006 a young lady I was seeing (when I was not in the dining room studio) bought me a banjo, so I spent the next week learning to play it. then I wrote the song Riding on angels wings, During that same Christmas I road in my first toy run , it was the most up lifting ride I have ever been on. To see all the bikes lined up ,the different  biker styles from the hardcore true to life bikers to the week enders, all together to support one cause toys for the kids well I had to write about that feeling and the cause behind it, and so  during the party after the ride I got out  my paper and pen and wrote Toy run rider. I hope to get the local radio station (and across the world) that supports the ride next year to play it with the hope it will help increase the support for the run. I am going to make donations to several charities from the proceeds of this CD. Let's see well the title  of the CD  Honey my chopper shrunk came to me when I was riding and saw a chopper mini bike I thought that would be funny and now I wish I would have wrote a song about that, maybe on the next CD. There is one song I want to carry over to the next CD Hot pipes Harry. I want to make it a never ending story about him and his bike. (His real name is not Harry)  one night (I'll call him Harry) went for a ride to a local club and I swear he was running 90 miles an hour and about a half mile ahead of me and I could still hear the loud pipes on his bike, when we arrived at the club I walked over to him and said dam hot pipes Harry ,and the song was born. the song  Don't compare was not intended to be a cut to all the people riding crotch rockets I just don't want to be lumped in with a group of riders, that rides on the edge of nuts weather they ride a rocket or a dresser. I got to give credit where it's due and several songs came from other peoples statements or actions Caribbean biker holiday came from a friend at work( he also set up my web site and I do thank him) He made the statement about Caribbean biker Harley days and I made a few changes and once again the pen and paper came out. I did this CD all on my own, the writing, recording ,vocals and playing the music, I could have used other musicians but I wanted this one, my first one to be all me even if it was not as good sounding as it would have been if done in a real studio with real musicians, when you listen to the CD please remember it was recorded on a laptop computer by a guitar picker with just enough knowledge to get in trouble .I wanted it to be real not a polished over produced collection of songs. I want people to listen to the words of the songs not just the production, and I hope when they listen it will bring a smile and make for a toe tapping ride.

Thank you for taking the the time to read this and I hope to meet you soon !!!  on an open road. Norm